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Upgrade: SmartMon-VMS

Nemonix has collaborated with SANtools to finally bring SANtools powerful storage hardware management solutions to openVMS. The following is an outline of features.

  SMARTMon-VMS Features
  • Goes beyond S.M.A.R.T technology
  • Provides full manual control and full queries outside industry standard:
    - What rack, row, column is serial number 3N2XGGG?
  • Scriptable, can run embedded within a NAS or SAN appliance, server, or node
  • Bench performance to create ECC errors to time rebuilding
  • Data integrity validation testing
  • Measures true data at disk for proper benchmarking, load balancing, cache efficiency, and BUS saturation insuring disks are not over or under utilized
  • Phone home, Syslog/NT logging, email supported
  • Runs manufacturers self testing to confirm warranty replacement
  • Polling, threshold monitoring, customize alerts on all internal counters in disk drives
  • Allows user to interact with storage hardware and turn on hidden features
  • Extensive drill in capabilities for LSI and other controllers
  • Works on all peripheral types (tapes, drives, libraries, SES/SAF-TE enclosures)
  • Extensive library of vendor specific disk and tape feature reporting
  • Allows user to run same procedures as developers for management control
  • Can scan GB, TB, PT storage farms in a few hours
  • On demand reporting
  • Self healing through background media scanning
  • Fixes bad blocks
  • Eliminates slow down for software based integrity checking
  • Verifies interface link speed maximizing bandwidth
  • Cache related tuning, error recovery, retry settings, streaming video/OLTP settings
  • Centralized SQL shared database and event logging for enterprise-wide query, control, and enumeration
  • Collects and aggregates full inventory, state, health, and configuration history




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